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One on One Training


Get one on one private training lessons by one of the trainers. This 30 or 60min session will cover everything you're looking for in reaching your ultimate fitness goal.

Partner or Group Training


Hate working out alone? No worries! Bring a partner or group of friends with you that is looking to be charged up!

Athletic Performance


If you are an athelte at any level looking to get better, Charge Up Fitness will get you right! With our experience in playing sports, we have the knowledge and ability to help you dominate in whatever sport you're in!

Youth Development

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Charge Up has no age limit. If you have a child that is starting a sport or is looking to just get in shape and off the video games, we here to work with that child. We teach them the basic fundamentals and motor skills in exercising that will really show them what it's like to live a fun active life as a kid!

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102 Freeze Meadow Rd.

China Grove NC 28023


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